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Guiding The Young Generation To Success.

At North Belair Preschool, we're not just educators. We also help boost children's confidence in a brighter future. Our programs provide little ones with a strong foundation they can build upon. And once they leave our school, they're ready to think big and aim high.

As children stay with us longer, they can be more prepared to face the challenges of first grade. We will help them go beyond their developmental milestones.

Our classroom feels like a cozy home away from home. We also broaden their horizons through different activities. If your little ones want to become an engineer, they can build skyscrapers at our center. Do they want to become a doctor? Then they can play with our teddy bears to cure their sickness. Our classroom has everything to cater to your child's individual needs.

Here at North Belair Preschool, we provide

A safe and healthy learning environment for your children. The curriculum and activities we implement will help them get closer to educational milestones.
Our center is extremely flexible with schedules because we value the importance of family time. We also observe all state regulations, so our facility meets all health and safety requirements.
We use an interactive approach to learning that includes singing and dancing. Kids love learning through music. We also teach them colors, shapes, and how to identify certain words.
We give them the essentials they need to excel in school. We focus on proper letter and number formation through writing, coloring, and cutting activities.​
In addition to loving our center, they will have fun through various activities, so they never feel bored. We also help establish a routine, so your child's day is organized and structured. They can be more productive in school because of this routine.

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